Whats this all about?

In a few words, its about creating and developing the culture of truly making your belongings express yourself and be an extension of your character.


Each person is different, so why should all devices be the same?


You are the hero of your story. Make sure everyone knows that.


You define what you own and use, not the other way around.

The MOODY Concept

We’ve come to the point in evolution where we let our belongings define ourselves and not the way around. How do we change that? Simple. Make sure that everything you own reflects yourself, what you like and what you want to be.

Meet the maker

The best part about the Moody Concept? Its created out of passion and drive. The passion for good products and the drive to change how people think of them.
Vlad Bisceanu

Vlad Bisceanu


The tech enthusiast with an extensive marketing experience, too much curiosity , a lot of stubbornness and a pinch of arrogance.

Follow the journey in real-time.

It's ever-expanding.

The Moody Concept is the father of an an ever-growing family. More and more brands are joining in from every field. From gadgets, to clothes, to games.
Moody Gadget SHOP

Moody Gadget SHOP

For the phone that hates routine

Who says you have to choose ONE look for your phone? Same as you, your phone wants to dress for the occasion every day. Let the little fella shine!

That Business Experiment - The LOG With Benefits

That Business Experiment

The Log with benefits

Want to learn how to get your business successful, but hate those generic articles? Follow the journey of Vlad Bisceanu into entrepreneurship to find out the real deal.

Moody Gamer - Play Your Game

Moody Gamer

Play the game how you want

The games you play should be your adventure. We're tired of companies and trends dictating how and what to play, so we decided to change that.

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